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Do not mind the brutal police force! Which are trained to proceed with violence and oppression, inhumanity and beatings ,than simple restrain techniques, which are thousands of years old and are taught nearly world wide Today!
But hey, you are living in Freedom and Democracy! Look how much free you are and how much freedom you posses when you can be beaten in cold blood or shout "stop resisting" in a Criminal Totalitarian Capitalist Regime! And against those armed to the teeth and getting away with murder, and even more with Income to compensate for the rest of their lives!

And Remember, this is better than a Socialist "regime" any day!
Were the police force were not even armed with firearms! And with crime and Police activity rate of nearly 2% each year!
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Buna dimineata!

The Jerusalem Post

 IAF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza 
“The IDF views with great severity the daily attempts of the Hamas terrorist organization to strike at security infrastructure in Israeli territory." 
2 min read
 Four Gazans breach security fence, flee back after IDF troops open fire 
In addition, some 5,000 Palestinians demonstrated along the Gaza border security fence Friday.
2 min read
 21, including Iranians, reported killed in IAF strike in Syria 
The strike was reportedly aimed at Hezbollah members and militias supporting the Assad regime.
2 min read
 Elite IDF soldier remembered as heroic during Mt. Herzl funeral 
His commander called him "one of the best fighters" during his eulogy at the funeral. 
2 min read

Adevarul gol golut

"Ivy League graduates secured high government positions leading the US into endless Middle East wars, multiplying adversaries, antagonizing allies and spending trillions on wars for Israel, not social welfare and higher wages for American workers . Oh yes the ‘economy’ is recovering…. only the people are doing worse."

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