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Turcia a arestat editorul de știri șef al postului de televiziune IMC privat din Istanbul peste postarea unor tweet-uri le-a împărtășit pe contul său de anul trecut, inclusiv retweets a opiniilor doi comentatori importanți pro-kurzi.
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La mormantul tatalui



Ion si Maria gradinari… se trezira de dimineata sa plece la targ sa prinda loc pt taraba; incarca caruta cu varza si castraveti si pleaca. Pe drum Maria:
- Ioane opreste un pic caruta, da-te jos si vino de ma pupa ca nu mai pot! Opreste Ion, se da
jos o pupa pe Maria… si plecara iar la drum. Dupa 10 minute Maria:
- Ioane, opreste caruta, da-te jos si vino de ma pupa ca nu mai pot!…
- Marie, da esti nebuna! Nu mai prindem targul.
- Hai repede Ioane, acu, acu, ca nu mai pot!
Se da Ion jos si iar o pupa pe Maria.
Dupa vreo 10 minute Maria incepe:
- Ah Ioaneee, ah, opreste caruta si vino repede si ma pupa ca nu mai pot!
Ion enervat:
.- Auzi fa Marie…. da-te jos de pe castraveti si urca-te pe varza.


  •  Dead Isis fighter's GoPro footage reveals the fury of battle in Iraq
    International Business Times UK
    Footage found on a GoPro camera which was mounted to the helmet of a dead Islamic State (Isis) fighter has revealed an intense first person perspective of an IS (Daesh) fighter during a chaotic and battle with Kurdish forces in northern Iraq. Kurdish Peshmerga forces released the footage and said the camera was found after a battle with IS militants, which they identified the fighters as. The IS fighter wearing the camera is referred to as Abu Radhwan throughout the video. Read More 



    Fabuloasa comoară a domnitorului Petru Rareş… se află ea îngropată sub Munţii Rarău? Există de acolo un tunel care duce spre Ceahlău şi Bucegi?

    Pofta buna !

    Minced Mutton Koftas in a yogurt based gravy…. creamy n yum…
    Recipe @ http://spiceupwithsoma.blogspot.sg/2016/04/mutton-kofta-malai-curry.html

    vineri, 29 aprilie 2016

    Amarullah (au rapit pe romanul nostru despre care Pres.a spus ca este preocupat si tine legatura....) Imi vine sa trimit eu mesaj sa ne spuna daca stiu unde este romanul si daca este in viata

    Roaga-te ..
    Mujahedinii de pe fronturile ..
    Deținuților din penitenciare ..
    Stomacul de foame ..
    Pentru apos indoliate ..
    națiune stricken.
    Pentru a Atnsuna de rugăciuni bune
    #خروج_مؤقت ✋
    La revedere
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    Mesajul lor+Odorica Ion Am vrut să înțeleg că publicați
    Pentru ca eu cand am primit mesajul am raspuns SALUT!

    + Odorica Ion Doriți să traduceți această publicație, etc. Lara ?????
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    Fotografia de profil a utilizatorului ‫حفيدة عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه الصديقه‬‎Fotografia de profil a utilizatorului Mustafa BasheikhFotografia de profil a utilizatorului ‫يوسف سالم الزائدي‬‎

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    politician britanic și radiodifuzor George Galloway și-a exprimat sprijinul puternic pentru fostul primar al Londrei, Ken Livingstone, care a fost suspendată de către Partidul Laburist peste aducerea problema crimelor de război israeliene și implicând faptul că Adolf Hitler a fost un sionist, spunând că "nazismul și sionism au fost cele două fețe ale aceleiași monede. "
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    La iarba verde

    Pofta buna !

    #‎Timbal‬ de ‪#‎Puré‬ de ‪#‎patatas‬ y ‪#‎Ensaladilla‬…. Delicioso !!!
    Timbal de puré de patatas y ensaladilla
    Timbal de puré de patatas y ensaladilla

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    către mine
    Odorica --

    Today is a big day for UKIP as we seek to continue the momentum heading into next Thursday's elections.

    Nigel Farage will be on LBC from 9am this morning with Nick Ferrari, discussing the big issues of the week.

    Then at 10.30am, Nigel will be speaking live from Westminster alongside our Kent Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Henry Bolton OBE on why Britain will be safer outside of the EU.


    Also, make sure you watch and share our latest campaign video 'Safer Britain'.

    Please tune in and pass this on to your friends as the party makes a big push to get as many men and women elected for UKIP on May 5th.

    UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom

    joi, 28 aprilie 2016

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    Washingtonul vrea ca Moscova să oprească Assad
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    La mormantul iubitului student, mort in lupte


  •  Syria army readies Aleppo offensive as civilian toll rises
    The Syrian army was preparing an offensive on Thursday to retake Aleppo, as escalating fighting in the divided second city killed dozens of civilians in a new blow to a tattered truce. Nearly 200 people have been killed in Aleppo in the past week as rebels have pounded government-held neighbourhoods with rocket and artillery fire and the regime has hit rebel areas with air raids. Read More 
  • Pofta buna !

    Os voy a seguir dando ideas para regalar a nuestras madres,, a las mamis les encantan las frutas, por que no , una bonita tarta de frutas? Tartas con frutas, aqui tenéis cinco para escoger!! ‪#‎diadelamadre‬‪#‎tartasconfrutas‬ ‪#‎dessert‬‪#‎delicious http://eldulcepaladar.blogspot.com.es/2016/04/5-deliciosas-tartas-con-fruta.html
    5 deliciosas tartas con fruta
    5 deliciosas tartas con fruta



    către mine
    Dear Odorica,
    With one week to go until the elections on May 5th, I've been busy campaigning and supporting our candidates right across the United Kingdom. With local elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, elections to the Northern Ireland, Welsh and London Assemblies and Scottish Parliament, we are aiming and on course to breakthrough right across the UK.
    Thanks to all of your hard work, UKIP is now polling at a record high 20% nationally in the latest YouGov poll. This includes 31% of all working class voters backing UKIP.
    Keep going, do all you can and speak to everyone you know and urge them to vote UKIP on May 5th. By electing UKIP representatives across the country, we will build huge momentum for the EU referendum and make sure Brexit becomes a reality. Together, we will get our country back.
    Nigel Farage
    UKIP Leader
    UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom 

    miercuri, 27 aprilie 2016


    Functionar ISIS

    Nu este nici o bariera intre functionarul ISIS si cetateanul contribuabil


    Protectie ISIS

  •  ISIS is "covering streets" of Raqqa to thwart drone strikes
    The Islamic State (ISIS) militant group is covering up the streets of Raqqa using sheets tied across the tops of shopfronts and residences in a bid to protect against deadly drone strikes on its fighters, according to activists and the U.S.-led coalition. The activist group operating inside the city, Raqqa is Silently Being Slaughtered, shared images on Tuesday that showed the radical Islamist group’s tactic to limit the U.S.-led coalition’s visibility of the group’s fighters from above. The group tweeted: “Photo shows how ISIS is covering the streets of Raqqa to prevent drones from targeting their fighters.”  Colonel Steven Warren, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, confirmed to Newsweek Read More 
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    Rusia distruge comerțul cu petrol Daesh în Siria: Ministrul Apărării
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    Energia Kundalini