miercuri, 28 iunie 2017


  •  Secret video shows ISIS losing hold of Raqqa
    Now it seems there is less fear, and the opponents are able to do what was once unthinkable -- to show us life in Raqqa as US-backed and other Syrian forces encircle the city in the long attempt to extinguish ISIS. And the many scenes that we see show a ruling group as they are -- often confused, sometimes vain. We also see civilians becoming more brave, even brazen as they challenge their oppressors. This is a city that can smell its liberation. Scenes from the caliphate Raqqa, the last bastion of ISIS within Syria, was seized in 2014. Now, it appears that ISIS is beginning to lose its grip on the city. One video features two Russian-speaking militants. It's hard, given heavy accents and poor Read More

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