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Thursday, July 05, 2018, 10:58 Jerusalem time

Khansaa Hebron .. Journey of Jihad and sacrifice and giving

Al-Qassam - Private:
A unique fighter, not all of the women of Palestine, and all of them are martyrs. They are the ones who gave birth to their sons on the path of jihad. They were the ones who gave the Mujahideen and the pursuers and gave the martyrdom, and they also rolled over the Qassams before the Zionists shook the verses of the wise. After who are they? 
The weeping of the heavens will answer you, and the earth will tell you of its good deeds. It will remind you of the pages of the history of the Palestinian people, whose patience and sacrifices are the mujahideen mother, or Hassan al-Qawasmi. 
Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades called the need Mujahid Umm Hassan Qawasmi, who mocked her life to serve her religion and homeland, and suffered hardships and endured hardship and pain for the sake of God and then for the sake of this holy homeland, the liquid of the Almighty Almighty to embrace in his mercy and reward it from the nation of Islam the best reward.
Glory to her peers
You have to know that the written words will not be met by her right, but it is her right to list one of her Jihad, which did not stop throughout her life until God Tovaha. 
Umm Hassan since the first intifada and even before her death was a schematic to the bone, was the source of money for her sons Mujahideen and their comrades, more than 20 martyrs and martyrdom in her home, was known in some operations, and called martyrs martyrdom verses of the Koran on their weapons used in the operations. 
You should know that she sent a letter to the leadership of the al-Qassam Brigades in her name asking them to accept her son in a martyrdom operation. The text of the letter was: "I am Sobhiya al-Qawasmi. I ask the leadership of the Qassam Brigades to be my son. 
Umm Hassan, most of her 10 sons worked in the ranks of the Qassam Brigades at different stages, including the arrested, and some of them were martyred, and some of them farther, but she worked at all stages of jihad.
Among them were the martyrs who were known and killed and many of them, the Qassams Ahmad Badr and Izzedine Misk, who were held responsible by the enemy for the deaths of dozens of Zionists, Adel Awadallah, Basel Al Qawasmi, Sufian Ahriz, Mohsen Al Qawasmi, Shahab Natsheh and Akram Al Atrash. And they are within the cell division led by her son, captive Hossam was responsible for the capture and killing of the three soldiers in Hebron in 2014.
Umm Hassan in brief
Two of her ten sons, Shuhada, Ahmad, who exceeded the story of the murder of the most heinous crime of the Zionist movement, aimed at the soldier with the weapon on his head. Murad wanted to fight the enemy with his comrades who led the jihadist operation in Hebron. 
She was sentenced to 17 years and Hussam, 12, sentenced to life imprisonment, and her son, Ziad, sentenced to 16 years, and her sons, who spent years in prison Mahmoud, Hijazi, Mohammed and Hassan, and even martyr Murad He was also arrested. 
Her husband, Mujahid Abu Hasan, was not extradited from detention and abuse. The pain of the arrest of the sons and the husband has gone beyond the arrest of two of her grandchildren. Samih has been in captivity for 11 years, and four of her children have kept the Koran in prison. Allah peace be upon him.
She destroyed the house of her son where the martyrs were buried: Ahmad Badr and Izz al-Din Misk, and the demolition of her son's house was resumed, and not the end of the demolition of her son's house, Hossam, responsible for the capture and killing of the three soldiers in Hebron in 2013.
The patient mother is calculated
She lost sight of one of her eyes after her son Hijazi's hunger strike in the battle of the empty intestine. She also contracted diabetes after the death of her son, Murad, and also suffered imbalance in the pressure. 
It was not imprisonment and killing the only cause of the pain of separation, but increased pain after the removal of her son Alqasami editor Mahmoud in the deal of free and not allow the enemy to travel to meet him until her death, as well as prevent her from meeting her son expatriate to complete the university. 
The enemy was not the only source of pain and sacrifice. The security services of the Authority failed to make this patient mother tarnish the oppression of relatives. She arrested 5 of her sons, the most painful being the interrogation and torture of her two sons, Hussein and Hijazi.
She did not stop her mother from getting sick with cancer. She broke into her house and the houses of her children more than five times. She was struggling with the disease. The most painful of these incursions was her son's arrest. 
God has estimated that three of her sons will be deposed, including Mohammed, who was released just days before the captivity. The rest are still among prisoners, deportees and expatriates, in addition to those who are martyrs of Murad and Ahmad al-Qawasmi. 
May Allah have mercy on you, our custodial mother, and perhaps what makes you impatient to the hearts of those who are grieved for your parting, knowing that your last conversation before entering the coma is to say: "But the Saber will pay their reward without an account."

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