joi, 10 mai 2018

The Jerusalem Post

 Israel strikes dozens of Iranian targets in Syria 
Israel also destroyed the Iranian launcher from which the Grad rockets and Fajr 5 missiles were fired at Israel.
3 min read
 UK, Germany back Israeli right to defensive strikes against Iran in Syria
Israel’s diplomatic and security cabinet is set to meet later Thursday.
3 min read
 Liberman: We hit almost all Iranian infrastructure in Syria
“If Iran hits us with rain – we will hit them with a deluge”
3 min read
 Iranian MP denies Iran has bases in Syria; calls Israeli claims 'fake'
"Russia has military bases in Syria, but the Iranian presence is advisory only"
2 min read
Iranian Revolutionary Guard general: 'Resistance is the only way' Read more...
2 min read
Antisemitic assaults drive Amsterdam kosher eatery to close shop Read more...

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