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He went AWOL after being sexually assaulted. After 30 years, the Navy finally believed him.
The Navy has reversed Heath Phillips's “other than honorable” discharge after validating his decades-old sexual assault complaints.
By Meagan Flynn  •  Read more »
Oregon man breaks woman’s arm, knocks out her fiancee in road rage attack, police say
The angry driver allegedly reached into Megan Stackhouse's window, twisting and breaking her arm before punching her in the face.
By Samantha Schmidt  •  Read more »
Late-night comedians on Trump’s self-pardoning claim: ‘It’s like sneezing and then saying bless you to yourself’
While experts are divided on the legality of Trump's claim of self-pardoning power, late-night comedians are not.
By Samantha Schmidt  •  Read more »
Impostors donned police gear, responded to 911 calls and handcuffed people, Michigan authorities say
But they weren't caught for more than two and a half years, authorities said.
By Allyson Chiu  •  Read more »
Nashville police say fired worker killed gym owner with a hatchet. He’s still on the run.
The violent attack comes only a few months after the suspect was arrested at the White House.
By Kyle Swenson  •  Read more »
At least 62 dead in Guatemala as volcano erupts, burying an entire village
Rescue operations resumed Monday after being suspended at nightfall Sunday because conditions were too dangerous to continue.
By Susan Hogan and Avi Selk  •  Read more »
‘I will not back down’: Kansas Republican defends displaying replica machine gun in parade
Some were critical of Kris Kobach's parade entry, calling it “tone deaf."
By Allyson Chiu  •  Read more »

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